Northfleet Carnival 2022

Making History

We’re not just about a big Pride Party once a year.

On Saturday the 25th of June 2022 the Gravesham Pride Tribe made HISTORY!! We were the first-ever LGBTQIA+ float in the Northfleet Carnival since it started in 1967!

To those who shared their personal stories with us as we decorated our float thank you for giving us that privilege!

To those who shook our hands or hugged us whilst we were marching thank you for showing us why our work is important!

To those who stood by and watched and discreetly mouthed “thank you” as we walked by we want you to know that we saw you, we heard you and we are here for you when you are ready!!

To all those who volunteered thank you for your time, your energy and your enthusiasm!!

And to the Northfleet Carnival Committee thank you for having us! See you next year!!

Northfleet Carnival 2022