Pride March Registration

Please complete the form below to register your application to participate in the Gravesham Pride March 2022, taking place on Saturday 13th August 2022. Further information regarding the march route and guidelines which must be followed by all entries will be communicated closer to the time.

Entry or Organisation Name

Are you registering as an organisation or a private individual/small group?

Who is the contact for your group or organisation?

Contact Email Address

We need this to confirm your entry and send instructions for the event.

Contact Number

This will only be used on the day in the event of an emergency.

How many attendees will make up your entry?

Please note that most of our intended route is pedestrian access only.

Do any of your group have accessibility requirements?

If yes we will contact you for more specific details. This information helps us to plan the event and ensure it is as inclusive as possible.

Does any part of your entry involve performance?

i.e. Dance, Juggling, Acrobatics etc. If so, please describe.

Do you plan to handout any material or play music as part of your entry?

Is there anything else you would like to make us aware of about your entry?

Pride March Terms & Guidelines

As the organisers, we are responsible for complying with legal and operational requirements set out by the police and local authority. We therefore request full cooperation to ensure that we are able to deliver a safe, memorable and successful Pride March for all.

Adherence to these guidelines is imperative as a condition of entry.

Each entry is required to have a nominated point of contact who will communicate the information contained within these guidelines and any subsequent communication to all attendees within their entry.

We strongly recommend that each entry completes a risk assessment and is aware of all health and safety considerations prior to taking part in the march.

Code of Conduct
  • When organising and planning your march entry, please consider the diversity of the community and audience at our event. People will take part for many reasons, including; to have fun, to show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community, to promote their business or group as an LGBTQIA+ friendly organisation, and many more reasons.
  • It’s important that you have a visual identity to showcase your group, organisation or business so that you don’t get lost in the crowd, the more creative the better!
  • Gravesham Pride respects everyone’s right to express themselves as they choose. Please keep in mind there will be children at the event so we ask that you take this into consideration. We will not tolerate homophobia, biphobia, transphobia or any intolerance towards others.
  • While Pride is a protest the aim is for participants and spectators to enjoy the march and have fun.
Guidelines & Terms
  1. We ask that you follow all instructions given by our Stewarding Team and Gravesham Pride Officials.
  2. No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed whilst taking part in the march. No alcohol may be carried by participants. No participant should be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  3. No objects are to be thrown at spectators along the march route. This includes the use of silly string, party poppers and water pistols.
  4. Nudity is not permitted. This extends to flashing or exposing of areas which would normally be covered on a family beach.
  5. Please ensure your group maintains the orderly flow of the march.
  6. You must NOT collect donations during the march as this requires a licence from Gravesham Borough Council to be legally compliant.
  7. If you plan to play music during the march, please specify this when applying to take part in the march. You will not be allowed to play music unless this has been declared in your application.
  8. Please ensure that any children taking part in the march are supervised at all times.
  9. Please do not litter during the march. Keep hold of any litter and dispose of it correctly at the end of the march.

Failing to adhere to any of the conditions outlined above may result in participants or entries being asked to leave the march at any time. Many of the guidelines above are implemented as a result of the by-laws of Gravesham Borough or Kent County Councils, and the licenses that we hold as an organisation. Groups that don’t adhere to the above can lead to legal complications for Gravesham Pride, or even the cancellation of the event.

Gravesham Pride has:
  1. The right to refuse any application including those we consider to be a health and safety hazard. If you have any concerns about your entry, please contact us to discuss.
  2. The right to dismiss any group at the event that do not follow the guidelines listed above.
  3. The right to dismiss any group that have entered under a false name or given false information. If you need to make any changes to your application please contact us in advance
  4. Finality in all decisions.